Scarlett is a terrifying yet adorable and very true character.

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“Oh Ashley, my Ashley, kiss me” — Or slap her to reveal the truth, or
that’s the cruelest deed.

Rhett Butler: Open your eyes and look at me. No, I don’t think I will
kiss you. Although you need kissing badly. That’s what’s wrong with you.
You should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how.

My lover, kiss me or slap me.

Scarlett: And I suppose you think you’re the proper person.

澳门新萄京,And the film is terrifyingly long.

Rhett Butler: I might be… if the right moment ever came.

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Scarlett: You’re a conceited, blackhearted varmint Rhett Butler. I
don’t know why I let come and see me.

Rhett Butler: I’ll tell you why, Scarlett. Because I’m the only man
over sixteen and under sixty who’s around to show you a good time.

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Character’s Introduction

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When the  final plot ended in a  beautiful song, the complex minds
always strike my heart,  why Scarlett and Rhett so inrohearted to each
other? why Rhett behaviours like a secular man but in the deep heart is
so loyal  and honoured about love and country? Why Scarlett always
starry-eyed and unrealistic even Ashley married with Melanie, she still
think If only she more close to Ashely and Ashley will change his mind,
even not broken her heart, she still keep a little hope in her heart?

  War is the most dangerous devil  in the whole world, also
changed Scarlett and Melanie’ s life contrail, at the same time Ashley
and Rhett joined the army. During the hardest time , Scarlett  got more
stronger and independent which she rescued Melanie and Melanie’s son,
and she start begin her business by herself which to achieve her goal,
she betrayed her best friend to married one man who she didn’t like
but that man and her friend love each other. Finally she got rich
and built her business kingdom, she still not got Ashley’s heart.

 But one the other hand , Rhett always with her, understand  her ,and
very direct to point out her weakness, and know what exactly her
feeling, so gradually Scarlett accept him but with inrohearted and cruel
words to Rhett, and they finally got married and wedded-bliss, to
surprised they had a very beautiful baby who makes Rhett totally fall in
love his daughter even pet. 

  However things not are going to sooth ,there is a tragedy which  is
when their daughter riding horse and got a accident , the result was
that she died in this accident, Rhett totally broken his heart even
didn’t drink any drop of water and any food for two full days. And
Melanie also died in a illness, so Ashely and Scarlett will be together
which really broke Rhett’s heart again, Rhett finally can’t stand it so
that quit to pursuit his elegance and noble.

   In the end, Scarlett finally knew who was the most the important to
her, that’ s Rhett who know her , want stay with her, close to her.

   what a melancholy love stories  always remind what’s the really love
? It’ s both of the two people’s business ,understanding, accomplishment
, forgiven, love each other. whenever or whatever you are the
complete and independent individual’s person in the world never forget
to love. love what you did, love who also love you, love yourself , love
everything you experiences.